Family Law

SpineLegal family law software streamlines caseload management and document handling for family law lawyers, offering features like case management, document automation, time tracking, and billing to enhance workflow efficiency and productivity.

SpineLegal’s family law software is a revolutionary tool for professionals specialising in family law cases. With the complexity and volume of family law matters increasing, it’s crucial to have a system to help manage cases efficiently and effectively. 

SpineLegal’s family law workflow is designed specifically for family law practitioners, providing them with the organisation and communication tools they need to provide the best outcomes for their clients.

Efficient Case Management:


SpineLegal’s family law software is designed to simplify the management of family law cases. With its comprehensive case management features, the software allows you to easily capture client information, track key case details, deadlines, and documents all in one centralised platform. This helps you stay organised and on top of critical tasks, appointments, and court dates, ensuring you can provide your clients the best possible representation.


Streamlined Document Management:


Family law cases often involve a large number of documents that need to be managed and organised. SpineLegal’s family law software offers a solution to this challenge by providing a range of features, including document creation, storage, version control, and customisable templates. With this software, teams can collaborate efficiently, access documents securely, and maintain accurate records, ultimately saving time and reducing errors.


Effective Communication and Collaboration:


When it comes to family law cases, communication is key. That’s why SpineLegal has developed family law software that makes it easy for everyone involved to stay connected and on top of things. With features like secure messaging, shared calendars, task management, and file-sharing, you can collaborate seamlessly with your team, clients, and external parties. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.


Financial Management:


SpineLegal’s family law software offers a comprehensive solution for managing the financial aspects of your cases. With powerful tools for tracking billable hours, generating invoices, managing expenses, and integrating with accounting systems, you can streamline your billing process and improve accuracy. This ensures timely payments and provides a seamless financial experience for both your firm and clients, ultimately contributing to your profitability and transparency.


Customised Workflows:


SpineLegal’s family law software is designed to cater to the individual needs of each family law practice. With its customisable workflows, the software can be tailored to fit your firm’s specific requirements. This ensures that your preferred case management practices are aligned with the software, resulting in a personalised and efficient workflow that is unique to your firm.


Exceptional Support and Training:


SpineLegal’s family law software is easy to switch to, but rest assured that you won’t be left to figure it out on your own. The software includes thorough training and top-notch customer support to ensure a seamless and successful transition. Take advantage of the available training materials, expert guidance, and ongoing assistance to fully empower your team to utilise the software’s features.


In conclusion SpineLegal has developed a revolutionary family law software that is transforming law firms’ operations. With its advanced case management, document management, communication, and financial management features, this software is a game-changer for family law practices. By embracing the power of technology, law firms can enhance efficiency, improve client service, and achieve success in their family law practice. Start your journey with SpineLegal’s family law software today and experience the transformation it can bring to your practice.


Time Recording | Family Law Software
Time recording and automatic billing saves time and improves cash flow for SpineLegal users. The timer feature will track the time spent on each family law case and the timesheet will ensure it is tracked and billed on time.
Court Bundles | Family Law Software
SpineLegal document bundle generator creates PDF documents with automatic page numbering and contents page. The order of the documents can be easily changed and can include all the family client communications.
 Templates | Family Law Software
SpineLegal template management helps family law documents to be generated automatically for each case. The coding of the templates are easy and can be done through the support team for FREE.
Sharing Documents | Family Law Software
SpineLegal case management has all the document management capabilities to share, receive and manage documents. Outlook, Word and PDF integration provides a rich set of functionality for family law cases.
SMS Text Messaging | Family Law Software
SpineLegal case management is integrated with SMS text messaging on top of the secured messaging through the client portal. Text messages are very useful for instant attention for family law clients.