Family Law Software

Family law legal practice management software provides financial and administrative tools
needed to maintain commercial legal cases and transactions.

Family Law Software

Client Onboarding

Time Recorder

Workflow Process

Document & Templates
Invoice &Accounts

Case Audit

Family law legal practice management software provides financial and administrative tools needed to maintain commercial legal cases and transactions. The software provides workflows for Children Adoption, Child Care, Private Children Proceedings, Domestic Violence, Family General, Family Financial, Matrimonial Civil Proceedings, Divorce and Matrimonial Mediation.

 Time Recording

Time recording and automatic billing saves time and improves cash flow for SpineLegal users. The timer feature will track the time spent on each family law cases and the timesheet will ensure it is tracked and billed on time.

Court Bundles

SpineLegal document bundle generator creates PDF documents with automatic page numbering and contents page. The order of the documents can be easily changed and can include all the family client communications.


SpineLegal template management helps family law documents to be generated automatically for each case. The coding of the templates are easy and can be done through the support team for FREE.

Sharing Documents

SpineLegal case management has all the document management capabilities to share, receive and manage documents. Outlook, Word and PDF integration provides a rich set of functionality for family law cases. 

 SMS Text Messaging

SpineLegal case management is integrated with SMS text messaging on top of the secured messaging through the client portal. Text messages are very useful for instant attention for the family law clients.

Client Portal

SpineLegal client portal is efficient to share and receive documents from the clients. Family law clients can also track the progress of the case along with secured messaging with the solicitors in real time.

Family Law Software is designed to manage a law firm’s case and client records, billing and bookkeeping, accounting, schedules and appointments. Practice management systems designed for matter management helps save time through automation. Workflows included can allocate and calculate appropriate charges for every case type and reconcile expenses easily.


SpineLegal digital record keeping removes the need for physical file search and provides information in real time. An online portal for clients reduces the need for call backs and meetings as the clients are kept updated all the time. SpineLegal document management modules meet and support all the compliance requirements. Automation will allow legal practitioners to focus on cases rather on the administrative tasks. 

Why SpineLegal


We ensure you keep and own your data


Cloud and on-premise options for the law firms to chose


No contracts or tie-in, so you can scale the license cost on demand


Free onboarding, support, document templates and mapping


Choice of integration with a wide selection of partners and on demand

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