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Effective as of: January 4,2018

A note from Prathibha Rethish, SpineLegal’s Information Security Officer.


Terms of Reference for SpineLegal Legal Software


  1. Introduction:

  2. The purpose of these Terms of Reference is to define the scope, objectives, and responsibilities related to the development, implementation, and maintenance of SpineLegal legal software. These terms outline the key features, functionalities, and usage guidelines for the software to ensure its effective and efficient use within the legal industry.

  4. Scope:

  5. SpineLegal legal software is designed to provide comprehensive practice management, case management, document management, billing and accounting, document automation, reporting and analytics, collaboration and communication, and security and compliance features. It is intended to streamline operations, enhance productivity, improve client representation, and enable seamless communication and collaboration within law firms.

  7. Objectives:

  8. The main objectives of SpineLegal legal software are as follows:

  • 1. To streamline practice management processes, including client information management, appointment scheduling, time tracking, and administrative task automation.
  • 2. To effectively track and manage case details, deadlines, court dates, and documents, ensuring smooth case progression and optimal client representation.
  • 3. To simplify document creation, storage, organisation, and access, providing collaboration tools, search functionality, and customisable templates for efficient document management.
  • 4. To ensure accurate billing, time tracking, and expense management, maintaining financial stability and efficiency within law firms.
  • 5. To streamline document creation and assembly through automation features and customisable templates, ensuring consistency and saving time.
  • 6. To provide valuable insights into firm performance through customisable reports and analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making and resource optimisation.
  • 7. To facilitate efficient collaboration and communication within law firms and with clients through secure messaging, shared calendars, and task management.
  • 8. To ensure data security and compliance through robust security measures, data encryption, user access controls, and adherence to industry regulations and data protection laws.
  1. Responsibilities:
  2. The responsibilities related to SpineLegal legal software are as follows:
  • SpineLegal: The software provider is responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance, and support of SpineLegal software. This includes ensuring the software meets industry standards, addressing software issues, providing regular updates and enhancements, and offering customer support.

  • Law Firms: Law firms using SpineLegal software are responsible for complying with the terms and conditions outlined in the software agreement, safeguarding their login credentials, and ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and legality of the data entered into the software.

  1. Usage Guidelines Law firms using SpineLegal legal software should adhere to the following usage guidelines:

  • 1. Use the software for lawful purposes and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • 2. Safeguard login credentials and prevent unauthorized access to the software.
  • 3. Ensure the accuracy, reliability, and legality of the data entered into the software.
  • 4. Adhere to the software’s data security and compliance measures to protect sensitive information.
  • Follow the guidelines provided by SpineLegal regarding software updates, data backups, and system requirements.
  1. Amendments

  2. These Terms of Reference may be amended or updated by SpineLegal as necessary. Users will be notified of significant changes, and the most current version of the terms will be available on the SpineLegal website.

By using SpineLegal legal software, law firms agree to abide by these Terms of Reference and use the software in accordance with its intended purposes and guidelines.