SpineLegal™ delivers higher productivity in all departments of a solicitor firm helping to achieve better profitability and repeat business.

We compared all the legal software products in the market and developed SpineLegal™ to address the challenges. SpineLegal™ provides banking security, data ownership, intuitive screen designs, cloud-based infrastructure, competitive pricing, highly responsive and fast operations, customised features for solicitor firms, 24x7 support, to name a few. We designed the product mirroring the day to day operations of a firm so anyone can use SpineLegal™ without spending too much time on training.

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SpineLegal™ provides an eco-system for conveyancing and all legal operations with a super-set of functionalities scattered among various products in the current market. It is a fully integrated system i.e. no additional software is required unlike its competitors.

Responsive and Configurable

Only SpineLegal™ provides a responsive design and allows solicitors to tailor legal products and services they want to offer the end customers. SpineLegal™ is cloud based and can be used from anywhere in the world.

People and skills

The brains behind SpineLegal™ have more than 40+ years of combined experience in the software industry delivering cutting edge banking solutions to the UK and global market. This legal solution has evolved from a clear understanding of the needs of legal operations and is tried and tested in solicitor firms.

Awesome Features

SpineLegal™ is the best in the market with rich functionality and user interface features. The intuitive and responsive screens provide an unbeatable experience for the solicitors.

Creative Design
Beautiful grids,spreadsheets, ribbons and ease of use.
Unlimited Features
All aspects of case management covered with 3rd party integrations.
Full Support
Multi channel support for ease of resolving queries immediately.
Start Ready
Intuitive and no training required for case management
Highly Responsive
Running on the local computer provides great response and flexibilty for the users.
Cloud Deployment
Access the case details anywhere and anytime.

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