Practice Management Process

The SpineLegal practice management process helps manage people
thus enabling to get more things done.

Chart Review
Progress Review
Risk Review
Alert & Notification Review

Why Practice Management?

A good practice management process allows people to rethink legal practice and shift from tactical thinking to strategic thinking. Tactical thinking is “Working in the business” whereas, Strategic thinking is “Working on the business.”

The SpineLegal practice management process helps manage people thus enabling to get more things done. For example, managing cash flow, reviewing deadlines and preforming many other tasks. It will provide analytics which will show patterns of progress across individual solicitors and case workers. It can also track the productivity of a group of case workers.

Once it is implemented fully, the SpineLegal practice management system will liberate firms from the predictable overwhelming tyranny of unprofitable, unproductive and time consuming routines.

What is CPRAN?

CPRAN is a step by step practice management process by which senior solicitors, partners and business owners should undertake daily in order to systematically improve their firms’ performance. This process is a vehicle to monitoring firms’ commitments and progress.

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