Conveyancing Software

Conveyancing Law Legal Software has Commercial Transaction Workflows,
SDLT integration and search provider integration built in.

Key Features Of Conveyancing Law Software

Conveyancing software-onboarding

Client Onboarding

Quotation- Generation

Conveyancing software-workflow
Workflow Process

Conveyancing software-searches
Searches, Land Registry
Conveyancing software-invoce
Contracts, Invoice & Accounts
Conveyancing software-case
Case Audit

How Is Our Conveyancing Law Software Designed ?

Conveyancing Software or conveyancing legal case management and practice management software at SpineLegal has been designed with the help of conveyancers. SpineLegal software is designed to streamline the conveyancing process as well as to handle large volumes of work. With an easy-to-use interface with faster communication tools, the software saves you time and hence money, and effort in running cases in a firm. You can also manage all aspects of a conveyancing case at one place using the integrations built in the platform.

conveyancing-software1 SDLT – FREE
SDLT API integration gives direct access to submit Stamp Duty Land Registry Tax directly from SpineLegal workflow and receive the confirmation in Real Time.
SpineLegal conveyancing workflow starts with a quote. Solicitors can set up quotation templates for the fees and other costs, which can then be provided to clients in few clicks.
conveyancing-software3 Templates
SpineLegal template management helps conveyancing documents to be generated automatically for each case. The coding of the templates are easy and can be done through the support team for FREE.
conveyancing-software4Sharing Documents
SpineLegal case management has all the document management capabilities to share, receive and manage documents. Outlook, Word and PDF integration provides a rich set of functionality for family law cases. 
conveyancing-software5 SMS Text Messaging
SpineLegal conveyancing software case management is integrated with SMS text messaging on top of the secured messaging through the client portal. Text messages are very useful for instant attention for the conveyancing clients.
conveyancing-software6Client Portal & Case Tracker
SpineLegal client portal is efficient to share and receive documents from the clients. Conveyancing clients can also track the progress of the case along with secured messaging with the solicitors in real time.

SpineLegal conveyancing software has integration with online searches, land registry forms, has features to manage client demand to access files any time. The SpineLegal Software help practices to improve efficiency with the tools built in the platform. The Software help practices to improve efficiency by standardising the workflow and by providing automation. SpineLegal Document management modules meets and support all the compliance requirements. This is achieved by using defined steps in the workflows by regularly updating transaction forms (SDLT forms, land registry, CQS etc).


SpineLegal conveyancing software is designed to help law practices reduce fixed overheads whilst improving the service provided to end clients. SpineLegal software offers a complete solution for any conveyancing department in one single platform. A good customer database with contacts reduces the need for multiple data entry into various forms and consequently saving time. The SpineLegal case management software provides the opportunity to see a case from many different angles with built in workflows, checklists and reports.


SpineLegal software-solution helps law practices to concentrate on cases rather than on administrative tasks. With SpineLegal, you can automatically generate HMRC and Land Registry documents from templates. Additionally, it generates conveyancing forms, eliminating the need for redundant work. What’s more? You get a complete solution for any conveyancing department at a low cost – without sacrificing the quality of service!

Why SpineLegal

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We ensure you keep and own your data


Cloud and on-premise options for the law firms to chose


No contracts or tie-in, so you can scale the license cost on demand


Free onboarding, support, document templates and mapping


Choice of integration with a wide selection of partners and on demand

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