Spine Integrations

With SpineLegal, you can elevate your client service by utilising its comprehensive features and integrations to streamline your legal operations. Our software’s features were developed based on feedback from legal professionals and have been proven to improve day-to-day law firm operations.

At SpineLegal, we believe that effective legal software requires a unified approach that integrates multiple parts and subsystems used in the industry. Our legal software integrations cover both government and non-government services, providing clients with a complete legal software solution. We have integrated with various AI modules, including Azure and OpenAI’s ChatGPT for advanced AI capabilities. In addition, we have also integrated with HMRC for SDLT and Land Registry, Thirdfort for KYC and related services, Xero for accounting, DocuSign for e-signature, and many others. With our comprehensive legal software solution, we aim to streamline workflows, automate routine tasks, and provide better services to legal professionals and their clients.

Artificial Intelligence Modules

KYC/ID, AML, Source of Funds Check

Grammar check for legal documents

Digital Signature

Sign contracts easily and in a controlled and auditable way

XERO Accounting

Leverage accounting system integration for office accounting


UK’s leading search providers for conveyancing data


Property information made easy through searches and all data requirements