Immigration Law Software

The practice of using immigration law software is an important source
of revenue for many law firms.

Immigration Law Software - Key Features

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Client Onboarding

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Quotation Generation

Workflow Process

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Document & Templates
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Invoice &Accounts

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Case Audit

How is our Immigration Law Software designed

Immigration law software is designed to manage client records, billing and bookkeeping, accounting, schedules and appointments. You can stay ahead of the case processing with efficient and legally compliant SpineLegal immigration software. Just imagine how easy it will be to maintain all your case records in one place with accurate billing information and to be on top of all the key stages. 

Make use of these features and many more to automate and run your law firm efficiently:

  •  – Auto document generation 
  •  – Cloud platform
  •  – Dictation feature
  •  – Use templates for quick processing
  •  – Connect with other services
  •  – Faster emails and SMS
  •  – Generate invoices in one click
  •  – Grammarly integration
  •  – Own all your data
  •  – And give your clients a portal for FREE
 Email Management | immigration law software
Spinelegal has Outlook integration and compose emails directly or from templates already defined. All email communications are captured in the document management section of the immigration law software.
Tribunal Bundles | immigration law software
SpineLegal document bundle generator creates PDF documents with automatic page numbering and contents page. The order of the documents can be easily changed and can include all the immigration communications.
 Standard Letters | immigration law software
SpineLegal template management helps immigration documents to be generated automatically for each case. The coding of the templates are easy and can be done through the support team for FREE.
Reminders and Alerts | immigration law software
Reminders are set for Fee Earners, based on specific dates to make sure key dates for hearings and appeals are not missed, i.e. Limitation Date for Appeal Submission, Hearing Date for the Upper Tribunal etc.
 SMS Text Messaging | immigration law software
SpineLegal case management is integrated with SMS text messaging on top of the secured messaging through the client portal. Text messages are very useful for instant attention for the immigration law clients.
Client Portal | immigration law software
SpineLegal client portal is efficient to share and receive documents from the clients. Immigration law clients can also track the progress of the case along with secured messaging with the solicitors in real time from anywhere.

Spinlegal’s software is developed with a special focus on immigration law. The cutting-edge, user-friendly and impressively easy to use immigration law software was created in response to requests from law firms for a complete solution. Streamlined processes ensure new clients are onboarded smoothly using modern tools and technologies. Our unique web portal has been designed for end users so they are self supported. SpineLegal’s immigration law software is integrated with all the Microsoft Office products for efficient operations.

SpineLegal’s Practice Management System is designed for management and saves time and money through automation. The digital record-keeping system removes the need to have physical file searches and provide information in real-time. The online portal reduces face to face and frequent telephonic conversations and meetings, saving you valuable work hours.

Why SpineLegal

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We ensure you keep and own your data


Cloud and on-premise options for the law firms to chose


No contracts or tie-in, so you can scale the license cost on demand


Free onboarding, support, document templates and mapping


Choice of integration with a wide selection of partners and on demand

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