Practice Management

SpineLegal provides accurate information through charts and reports to manage all aspects of the legal firm. A well-defined process to achieve results efficiently and quickly with an integrated client and office accounting.

What is Practice Management software?

SpineLegal helps law firms manage their solicitors and ensure the practice is running well and profitably. A process-driven practice management software will provide the critical performance information in an easy to work format. It also helps in managing the practice with easy follow controls, defined processes and clear visibility & transparency.

Practice Management Provides

An easy to follow process to manage all aspects of a legal firm’s operations. 


These well defined processes save time and reduce risk in the day operations of the legal firm.


A good practice management software helps the practice managers to focus on value adding services for their clients.


Practice Management can involve:


Client and office accounting

Budgeting and tracking
Customer relationship management
Tracking the workflow and tasks
Tracking income and staff workload


Successful firms achieve it with the help of a Legal Practice Management System like SpineLegal. At SpineLegal, the practice management module has easy-to-use tools like


Alerts and notifications


Through these tools, the system takes care of the real-time data providing all the information for practice management at your fingertips.

Why Spine Legal


We ensure you keep and own your data


We are cost effective and is on the latest cloud technology


No contracts or tie-in, we are confident in the product


Free onboarding, support, document templates and mapping


Choice of integration with a wide selection of partners and on demand

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